We Lead! Leadership Development Course

Six professionals, three women and three men, sitting against a white wall enjoying a a work meeting.

Eight-week on-line leadership development course designed to move emerging leaders to their next level of innovation, creativity, and performance. This coaching program best serves individuals on a professional growth trajectory seeking roles with increased responsibility and leadership opportunities – This includes entrepreneurs as well as those working within organizations. Maximum 10 people.

Outcomes include:

  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence (EI) by completing an EI assessment and articulating three written action steps to increase EI growth.
  • Recognize and build on strengths by completing Values Inventory assignment, including articulating three leadership growth steps.
  • Gain understanding and techniques in neuroscience and its relationship to effective leadership by presenting two possible leadership outcomes using brain science relating to human behavior.
  • Engage leadership thinking and behavior by creating and executing a Leadership Project.
  • Gain an understanding of the interconnectivity between personal effectiveness and organizational culture through written observations of organizational culture and individual leadership, including identifying five connections between the two.
  • Gain insight to the interplay between individual self-growth and leadership performance by completing three Colleague Feedback Forms and identifying three specific self-growth action steps.
  • Develop individualized strategies for personal and professional development by completing two individual professional coaching sessions.
  • Strengthen professional portfolios with course certificate, attainment of 2.5 CEU’s or 25 PDU’s, and completion of a Leadership Project.
  • Learn to create weekly action plans with measurable outcomes by articulating weekly action steps and progress.

Course includes:

  • Two Individual Transformational Coaching Sessions
  • Five Group Synergy Calls
  • Weekly fieldwork and expansion activities
  • Certificate of Completion

“Tiffany is passionate and inspirational. She leads from the heart, and in turn, teaches from the heart. I am gaining tremendous insight into what it means to be an effective leader, which is very different than being a boss.”

Briel – Teacher