Creating Mindful LeadersServant Leadership - The leadership triangle is inverted. The leader is at the bottom level, supporting the organization bottom, up.

Self-awareness and intentionality are vital for effective leadership. In this half-day workshop leaders will learn about the neuroscience that drives effective leadership and how to guide organizational change from a solution-focused platform.  Participants will strengthen research-backed mindfulness techniques learning to be present and compassionate, while truly able to effect change. The course includes lecture, discussion, teamwork, and individual planning.


  • Gain understanding and techniques in neuroscience and its relationship to effective leadership.
  • Gain insight into the interplay between individual self-awareness, leadership performance, and organizational culture.
  • Develop individualized strategies for guiding line-staff through potentially stressful organizational change.
  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence and mindfulness techniques that support self and staff.