Now is an amazing time for transformation!

Gain a better understanding of self and what limits you in realizing your dreams. These packages stretch comfort zones and challenge participants to manifest their visions. Focus on solutions, forward momentum, and measurable action.

Check out the many options:

  • Packages are for those seeking four or more sessions (In most cases, we highly recommend 4-6 sessions).
  • Single Session options may be scheduled for those seeking three or less sessions.
  • A Options offer a lower price point as we eliminate travel for our coach. Sessions options include phone/skype or in-person in Jacksonville, Oregon.
  • B Options are designed for individuals seeking in-person coaching where we come to you (available within the Medford/Ashland (Oregon) areas only.
  • Gift Cards, available at any price point, make powerful gifts that truly make a difference in someone’s life.

Skeptical of phone or Skype sessions? Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive that eliminating the in-person pressure allows participants to fully engage their entire being in this self-discovery journey. For many this process greatly enhances the coaching process, bringing more beauty and bounty into daily living. Additionally, this options lowers the price point while expanding our coaching services to globally.

Our coaching packages can be tailor made to fit your creative style. Don’t see what you want? Call or email and we’ll create a package to fit your need. Session scheduling may also be tailored to fit individual needs.