praiseblueAs an educator, trainer and workshop instructor for many years, I consider myself to be a tough audience member when sitting in as a participant. I have had the pleasure of sitting in Tiffany Grimes’ audience on several occasions and in different contexts and settings. Regardless of the topic or content of the session, Tiffany is consistently knowledgeable of her subject matter, engaging with the audience, and very entertaining – the highest blend of qualities I could expect from a presenter. I do not give praise easily in this category, but Tiffany is hands-down the best work shop instructor I have experienced and I strongly recommend her skill and talent to others.”


– Rene – Program Director

praiseblueTiffany partners with clients in a thought provoking and inspiring way that motivates them toward action. She is a certified professional coach who understands the coaching framework and methodology which encourages clients to maximize their potential. My experience with Tiffany is that she brings professionalism, creativity, resourcefulness and commitment to her coaching sessions.


– Allison, Portland, OR



praiseblueI recently had the pleasure of having a series of life coaching sessions with Tiffany. It was a very enjoyable process getting to speak with her each week getting clear and focused about my goals and projects, then the following week, checking in to see what my progress was. I really liked how intently Tiffany listened to the things I said and how each week she reminded me of what I had expressed in our previous session. It really helped me get organized and open up to new possibilities as well as feeling very supported. I never felt judged or that I couldn’t truly speak my heart. I think anyone considering doing life coaching would be more than satisfied with Tiffany’s kind hearted and crystal clear approach. Thank you!”


– Angela – Entrepreneur and Business Owner

praiseblueThis was an excellent experience. There were several times that I was talking about deep emotional stuff and Tiffany avoided getting into “counseling” but instead kept on track with coaching. She did this very well.

– A.M.


praiseblueMoxie mama was an opportunity for me to do something just for my own personal growth. To dive in and rediscover who I am and what I want. It opened my eyes to the idea of setting small attainable goals as stepping stone towards achieving BIG dreams; helping me prioritize myself and my desires. The group setting provided the accountability I needed to make big changes in my life. For me, the small group size was crucial to feeling safe enough to be truly vulnerable and allow the other women to support me during such an intense, intimate process. Tiffany is an incredibly compassionate, dedicated coach who’s lust for life is completely contagious.”


– K.E. Professional Designer