Collage of coaching clients - happy, confident, excited.INDIVIDUAL COACHING

As a Certified Professional Coach, Grimes acts as a partner, believing unequivocally, that those she coaches, are creative, resourceful, and whole. Her work as a coach operates from a solution-focused platform and brings together her wisdom and experience in brain science, human behavior, organizational leadership, personal development, and emotional intelligence.

Her transformative coaching is a conduit to unlocking the full potential of individuals and groups. The process is powerful, personal, and reserved for those who are ready to take action.

Tiffany’s discovery-based approach encourages self-understanding while supporting clients in setting goals, creating outcomes, and pushing the boundaries that may be standing in the way. Be prepared for “Aha” moments, crystal clear life vision, self-generated strategy, and celebration of success! Coaching can come in many forms and each holds a unique power and ability to facilitate change while attaining and creating a kick-ass life! Tiffany coaches individuals and groups, in person, over the phone, and with use of FaceTime and Skype.

Happily serving all humans.

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