Man at meeting - Engaged and listening fully.Engage The Brain – Coaching in the Workplace

This workshop is tailored to businesses and organizations seeking to create and foster positive workplace culture where employees thrive, relationships are highly functional, and both productivity and team effectiveness flourish. Participants learn coaching skills that can be used immediately to improve and impact work with colleagues, clients, and future customers.

Understanding and using coaching elements is essential for all leaders and managers and is most impactful to a workplace when it is part of the workplace culture and language. Participants will learn coaching techniques and principals that can be applied to the fast-pace of the workplace. Powerful coaching conversations can take place in the moment and do not require long coaching sessions. Bring coaching to you – and to your entire leadership team or organization.

The benefits of coaching are undeniable. Outcomes include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased satisfaction with work and life
  • Increased attainment of goals
  • Improved work performance, business management, time management and team effectiveness
  • Greater ability to view an issue with a new perspective
  • Greater confidence and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Greater skill in decision- making
  • Improved interpersonal skills and work/life balance

This is an essential training for all leaders and managers and is powerful for all staff – front-line to administration.

Course Outcomes include:

  • Recognize basic brain functions and its relationship to behavior
  • Recognize the importance of cooperative working relationships
  • Demonstrate effective use of workplace coaching skills
  • Understand the connection between emotion and reaction/response
  • Engage others in effective and meaningful dialog
  • Engage leadership thinking and behavior
  • Understand interconnectivity between personal effectiveness and organizational culture
  • Gain insight to the interplay between individual self-growth and leadership performance
  • Enhance emotional intelligence
  • Evaluate limiting assumptions

Half Day: $400*  Full Day: $750*  Multi-Point Option: $2,000* (includes one full day session, two group coaching sessions, and three individual sessions for 3-5 organizational coaching champions)

*Travel expenses will apply where applicable