Tiffany is Founder and CEO of Evolutionary Consulting, LLC. She holds a Master in Management with a focus on Organizational Leadership. She is a Certified Professional Coach, Specialty Master Trainer through Portland State University’s Oregon Registry Training Program, Creator and Director of the Parents Empower program operated through the Department of Human Services, national presenter, and published author.

Grimes provides powerful trainings to both the private and public sector.  Training topics include workplace coaching, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, resiliency, thriving during organizational change, communication, and intentional leadership.  Her focus is to influence human behavior through creating an understanding of modern neuroscience and ancient practices. Additionally, she provides group and individual transformative coaching for leaders, emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals. Grimes offers training and consulting services to youth and adult service providers while focusing on building resiliency, understanding brain development, and creating a sense of belonging – key elements to success.

Tiffany’s background lends to her strength of working to create cohesive teams, building positive workplace culture, and enhancing emotional intelligence within organizations. As an advocate, direct service provider, staff trainer and program leader, she spent over 20 years creating change and opportunities within Workforce Development collaborating with businesses, community agencies, and job seekers. Her passion to serve youth and to create cultures of respect that honor the role of young people within our schools, businesses, and communities has touched many lives and dramatically changed service models. For youth and adults alike, she has helped to create communities of change where a strong sense of belonging, shared vision, and high emotional intelligence make positive and lasting impacts on organizational culture and business relationships.

Her background includes creating and managing an alternative school for young adults, and facilitating client, staff, and organizational trainings on communication, leadership, neuroscience and human behavior, emotional intelligence, trauma-informed care, and incorporating coaching skills in the workplace. For over a decade, Grimes facilitated two-week motivational challenge courses that served nearly 1000 individuals.

Happily serving all humans.