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Grimes has a rich history of providing powerful trainings to both private and public sectors.  Topics include workplace coaching, emotional intelligence, thriving during organizational change, intentional leadership…

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Tiffany’s transformative coaching is a conduit to unlocking the full potential of individuals. The process is powerful, personal, and reserved for those who are ready to take action.

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Get all the info on upcoming workshops and classes for groups. Courses include single day workshops to eight-week group coaching sessions.  Events can be offered in a virtual or in-person format.

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Three Important Tips for Success in 2019

| Evolutionary Consulting Blog | No Comments

It’s a natural rhythm – setting goals and resolutions as the journey into the new year begins. Research tells us the other half of that natural rhythm is to flail…

Say Hello (and then goodbye) to Self-Sabotage

| Evolutionary Consulting Blog | No Comments

It’s 5 am – you promised yourself you’d get up to start that new exercise regime. Make a smoothie. Hit the gym.  Remember that? Instead, you press snooze once, twice,…

Building New Brain Pathways

| Evolutionary Consulting Blog | 2 Comments

When we talk about change —real sustained change, such as creating a happier and healthier existence, what we’re actually saying is we want to create new brain pathways. All human…

Strengthening Emotional Intelligence as a Family

| Evolutionary Consulting Blog | No Comments

Published in North State Parenting, July 2017 Children do what we do, not what we say. As we manage – or don’t manage – our own emotions and behaviors, we…